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Design & Development that cannot be matched.

Slashy is home to service teams, marketplaces and more... We offer anything from Websites to Graphic Design, all with a complementary 30 days of support period. So what are you waiting for? Get your order with Slashy today and we'll assure you that your order is in safe hands.

Great Service, Quality Work.


Vouch for this team! They have a lot of hard working users, also they have low prices and the staff are nice!

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Functional Development.


Vouch, Amazing job, I ordered a plugin and within 2 hours I had it on my server and it works beautifully.

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Fast and Patient Service.


Vouch made me a WHMCS template from my already html website, did it quickly and they're patient thanks.

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Who are you dealing with?

About Us

Slashy is the home to many sensational subsidiaries. As a whole, we offer many outstanding services to our clients.

At Jenkins Designs, we provide our clients with custom, exotic, grotesque products surpassing satisfactory standards; produced by our talented, fully adept freelancers. Our services include, but not limited to: graphic design, setups, system administration, development, Minecraft building and terraforming, writing and videography. At Slashy Hosting we provide our clients with astonishing, rapid hosting for our client’s websites. Your website will never go offline at Slashy Hosting with our enterprise level 1000Gb/s DDOS protection. JDMarket and MC-Merchant are our fully-fledged marketplaces offering exceptional services and products alike; be amazed by exploring our forum on both our platforms. YoungCoders is our learning platform dedicated to teaching you different languages. These languages may include Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C# and more. Satisfy your learning at YoungCoders. Finally, Slashy Wraps provides clients with outstanding, high-quality wraps designed especially for phones.

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Endorsing creativity within our services concludes exceptional quality and provides clients with unique products.

High Quality
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Satisfaction is key; we provide more than satisfaction. Our quality standards surpass greatly those of others.

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Quality brings expense. Not at Slashy. Our quality is contrasted with pure affordability.

Fast Delivery
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Long queue and wait times are a thing of the past at Slashy; wait long times no more with fast delivery guaranteed.

Friendly Support
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Our representors at Slashy treat every client respectfully, professional and are well-mannered to suit any need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Never-mind poor service and terrible quality, here at Slashy we only provide satisfaction - and that's guaranteed.

Our Services

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JenkinsDesigns is a service team based on MC-Market

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JDMarket is a store for exclusive/non exclusive goods.

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MC-Merchant is a web and Discord based marketplace.

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Slashy Hosting


Slashy Hosting is an online premium Web Hosting provider.

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YoungCoders is a digital platform for learning new skills.

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Slashy Wraps


Slashy Wraps is a device wrapping service based online.


Benefits & Slashy Team
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Ben J.
CEO of Slashy
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Jacob F.
COO of Slashy
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Taimoor A.
CFO of Slashy
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Rares R.
Human Resources
Zilas H.
Public Relations

Complementary free 30 days support.

All of our services come with a free 30 days support period where you can request minor changes to your product/service all included in the total price. Our support will ensure that your project is not only made to the highest standard, but also followed with the highest standard support. Once the 30 days is over you can renew your 30 days support period for a set price or pay per edit needed.